Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday and Going Away cards

 Two cards that I can now post as their recipients have received them.  
The first one is a birthday card for a lovely friend and it features MoonGirl wearing a crown.  The crown has gems on the top and the sentiment is one of my favourites!
And the second card was for an employee who is leaving and I made a group card to give him with a cast of characters coloured in with pencils crayons.


Karina said...

Hi Karen,
occasionally I landed on your blog and didn't want to go without writing you a word. I very like the artwork you do and am sure to take a look again from time to time.
By the way, I have a weekly candy to give away, if you like try your luck; http://creawitch.blogspot.com/2011/02/winner-and-new-chance-to-win-sweet-pea.html
Hugs, Karina

Kelli said...

I really like my card - thanks so much for making it:-)