Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WOYWW Jan26/11

It's time for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  The time of the week where all the cool bloggers take a picture of their workspace and post a link at The Stamping Ground and then have a wonderfully fun time blog hopping all over the place to see all the desks!
On my desk today I am finally getting around to organizing some unmounted rubber stamps.  Yesterday, I applied the EZ Mount and cut up the stamps and today I am stamping out the images on these laminated sheets and then the stamps themselves will go on the back. And then into a binder for storage. And now I must go and clean all those stamps..... and then I will visit some desks before starting on the next set of stamps! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Button (Scary) Fairies

 Amy taught me how to make these, so you can blame her, ha ha!  They are Button Fairies and she posted a tutorial on her blog a week or two ago when I asked about them!  Amy is so nice but don't tell her so,  I don't want it going to her head!  Speaking of heads, Amy had a nice mold to make her fairie's heads but I didn't.  The first one pictured turned out not too bad but the faces on my other two are a bit scary (hence the Button Scary Fairies post title).  I will make more of these and hopefully their faces will be better!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WOYWW Jan 19/11 & Suzi Blu I Love You!!!

Yay!  It's time for WOYWW again!  Wednesdays are the day where crafty artistic bloggers from all over the world take a picture and post a link at The Stamping Ground and then everyone can take a peek at the different workdesks!  Try it, it's fun!

On my desk we have a bunch of Suzi Blu stamped images.  And a cardboard box in the process of being covered over in scraps of patterned papers.  You see, I got a set of Suzi Blu stamps before xmas and they have been sitting in the cardboard box they were mailed in because they fit so nicely.  But it was a plain boring cardboard box.  So I had an idea ... why not stamp the box with the images? No, why not stamp and colour the images and stick them on the box?!  Better cover the box in patterned paper first so there are no gaps between the images showing the cardboard.  Good.  
 And then, why not put all sorts of embellishments on the images on the box?

 This turned out to be so much fun! I painted some of the images,  coloured some with markers and even got out oil pastels to colour a couple!  And now my Suzy Blu box is all pretty and sparkly and fun!


Birthday Card for a Dog Lover

A quick birthday card for a friend who loves dogs as much as I do!  You can't tell from my picture but the chair is raised up with dimensional foam and the dogs are raised off the chair.  A quick and simple card!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lucky Me!

Look at the fabulous goodies I won from JoZart!  Such fun stash that I am so excited to use and try! And the purple dotted bag there is made by Jo herself! She calls it a HangAbout and you can hang it from the edge of your desk/workspace and have it hold bits and bobs or whatever you want. Check out her blog to find out all about the HangAbout and to just see all her creative craftiness!  Thank you again Jo!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Changed my Blog Name!

Yes, you are in the right place!  I just did a bit of updating is all.  Someone pointed out that I had no email link and so I thought I would add that and then .....  I decided it was time to update the look of my blog a bit too!  Well, a couple hours later, it is updated somewhat and I decided to change the name from Ink, Paper, Scissors to stamprr.  My actual URL for this blog is "stamprr" so I wanted the blog name to be the same!  I may tweak it a bit more but for now I feel this is better than it was.  I hope you like it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WOYWW Jan 12/11

Hello fellow WOYWWers!  And if you are not a fellow WOYWWer but would like to be, pop on over to The Stamping Ground and join up! And then you too can post a picture of your Workdesk on Wednesdays and show What's On Yours.  Or just pop over and have a look through all the other desks of the fabulously talented bloggers!
So, what is on my desk this Wednesday?  I am still playing my way through the Tim Holtz  Compendium of Curiousities book and making tags, tags and more tags.  The two on my craft sheet, I had just finished before taking the picture and they were so much fun! I just love making the Grunge Flowers! Love them! And here is a close up of those tags.
  I think I will put Grunge Flowers on everything I make from now on, ha ha.  Not really, but there is something very satisfying about making them.
I am almost at the end of the tags I can make from the book (unless I get the supplies I am missing, hmmm, might have to shop, lol) and then I really should get onto making some birthday cards.
I hope I will be able to visit more WOYWWers desks this week and I will try my very best!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Interesting Fact

Lesson of the day:

GrungePaper does not like to stick to other things.  Especially another piece of GrungePaper.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WOYWW Jan 5/11

Aaaah, that's better!  Ink on my fingers again!  I have been MIA from my blog since Xmas but I am back now and ready to get inky!  If you are wondering why this picture is here and what WOYWW means, go here, to The Stamping Ground and you can take a tour of the work spaces of stampers, scrappers and all sorts of artists from around the world!
I have some birthday cards that I really should make soon but to get back into the swing of things I decided to get out my Tim Holtz's Compendium of Curiosities book and actually make all the tags in it (well, except the ones that I don't have the supplies for).  I have had the book for awhile and drooled over the pictures and told myself that "one day" I will make those tags.  Today is the first day of doing just that!  So I am making 2 of each tag, which I plan to glue back to back making a double-sided tag and then I will put them all on a ring and then I will have them around to remind me of different techniques.  And of course in the making of them, I will learn all the techniques!
So far I have done 4 techniques (2 of each) but have not stamped any images yet but I will update when I get them finished!

Happy New Year!

Christmas Has Gone to the Dogs!

 A bit late in posting these pictures, oops!  These are my two dogs on Xmas morning opening presents.  Brighton really gets into ripping open the prezzies but Cher gets to a certain point and then decides to wait for someone else to do the tedious unwrapping and just give her the treat inside! 

Two Last Xmas Cards

Yes, it is now well past Xmas but I had this picture on my camera and realized I had never documented it.  It was the last Xmas card I did for the year.  I actually made three the same but only took the one picture as they were all very similar. 

And this is a card I gave to someone who reads this blog and so I never posted the picture because I didn't want to her to see it before she got it!

And that is the last of the Xmas cards .... at least for a little while :)