Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WOYWW Jan26/11

It's time for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  The time of the week where all the cool bloggers take a picture of their workspace and post a link at The Stamping Ground and then have a wonderfully fun time blog hopping all over the place to see all the desks!
On my desk today I am finally getting around to organizing some unmounted rubber stamps.  Yesterday, I applied the EZ Mount and cut up the stamps and today I am stamping out the images on these laminated sheets and then the stamps themselves will go on the back. And then into a binder for storage. And now I must go and clean all those stamps..... and then I will visit some desks before starting on the next set of stamps! 


Jinny Holt said...

I really need to sort out my unmounted stamps :~(
Have fun with your E mounting project.

Thanks for sharing

Jinny #76

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi, very industrious today, wish I could be like you. I get the EZ mount and it takes me ages to get around to doing it LOL. I sometimes just cut the ones I'm using at that moment. Have fun. JO.xx *48*

Karen said...

Gorgeous stamp set :)
Have a fab WOYWW,
Karen #84

Neet said...

I hate that job! I'd love one of those hot knives to make it easier but have to make do with the scissors. Good luck with your cutting out etc.
Love those stamps - am a bit of an Alice freak myself. Can't wait to finish off an Alice project when I get back home.
Take care!

Susan Allan said...

Oh, I wish I had those stamps. I am just doing a project with the paper that matches them. What are you going to make?? I am a little envious.
Sue xx

Ciara said...

Hey Karen,

I must be really lazy as I never buy unmounted stamps! Don't forget to clean that Staz On off yours!

In answer to your question, my new die is a Sizzx Bigz one. I do have to warn you though the house is quite big - about 5.5" tall. I tend to make 6"x6" cards and it only just fits!


Twiglet said...

Lol - I love those crazy little button fairies!

Minxy said...

Do you know i have had my stamps on these same sheets for months and it never once occurred to me to stamp the image directly onto the sheet,what a muppet i am, I stamped onto a piece of A4 paper and put it in the folder lol..but this way is just soooo much better!
PS i have most of those stamps, there way cool aren't they!
Thanks for visiting me,
Happy Wednesday
Minxy #1

okienurse said...

Looks a lot like my desk did earlier this week except I decided to store my stamps in DVD cases. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #59

Shaz in Oz. said...

mm, Karen, that is great way to sort unmounted ones. I like it a lot. Funny isn't I always mount mine on Ez mount as soon as I get them and put them in Ez mount folder with the picture on the front. I dont have as many as some folk who have shelves and sheleves or drawers and drawers of them we dont see those Alice ones over here but have seen them on blogs look Alice too,
Shaz in Oz.x
PS do folk call you Kaz? I have two friends called Karen and I call them Kaz. We seem to abbreviate names over here.. being kinda casual and all that!!

sandra de said...

Getting organised is always worth the effort ... great idea, stamping onto the laminated sheet. I stamp on paper then put it in a folder?? Now I think I need to revise that system
Sandra xox

Shaz in Oz. said...

Hiya Kaz...thanks for post back with queries.. yes I like Kaz too that is why I call my friends Kaz and Shaz is short for Sharon...we Aussies are terrors for abbreviations.
re the folder I will post it next week if you like or I remember but can explain it.. it is actually an ordinary high school type ring binder we use over here. But is it zippered one (ie has a zipper all around it to close it up so nothing falls out) and has extra pouches in the front and back where I stick the clear ones on sheets..
I use the Ez-mount plastic sheets which fit in ring binders I will post a link if you like for these and you can see what they are like. But you have laminated yours so there is nothing to stop you just punching holes through the A4 sheets and then putting them in ring binders too, I have categories (eg Christmas, words, flowers, scrolls etc) and store it that way. These folders are usually pretty dear that I was looking for but found one (thanks LORD) at the supermarket in a throw out trolley going super cheap. It was made really strong, in wet suit fabric, we get that over here but you may not and it had a surfing logo on the front, and in orange and blue and navy so you cant miss it!! but that doesn't worry me it ticked all the right boxes and had a good clip which the first one I bought did not, so it went back to Kmart and it was heaps dearer.
This link has the tabbed storage sheets and these are the ones I have ..also I put sheet in front with the stamped pickies on it..
Hope it helps,
Shaz in oz.x

Anonymous said...

Hope that stamps are now nice and clean and put away, you sound very organized today! Thankfully everything yesterday was very smooth and very quick, driving there and back took much longer than the whole process did!

Brenda 20

Marjo said...

Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #7

Judie aka Craftymess said...

gorjuss stamps there, thanks for the snoop

judie xx

MaggieC said...

Thanks for sharing your desk with us. I used to put the unmounted stamps on to EZ but I am now removing them. I now stamp the images on a piece of A4 card, which I laminate, then I attach the stamps to that sheet with a little Stick and Spray repositional adhesive, and store them in a ring binder in a plastic wallet. Without the horrid sticky EZ, they work properly on the rocker blocks and give an excellent image each time. It also avoids the need to de-stick my scissors.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I SO love these stamps on your desk. Alice is so popular these days. Sorry I didn't visit last week. As you read, I was in crisis mode.

I'm a bit puzzled by what EZ mount is. I'm obviously not a stamper, but my UMs get Wacky Tac, a repositionable glue I spread on that dries in about an hour. I guess I don't see the need for a cushion when you have the acrylic block. But I know I appreciate you stopping by my place. Happy belated WOYWW from #10.

MaggieC said...

Thank you for popping over to see me and leaving that lovely comment. The syringes are for applying Pinflair glue (it remains useable in there with the top on for weeks, and is so easy to clean out), and the talcum powder is used for so many things. It is essential to rub into your hands before handling gold and silver leaf to stop it clinging to you. It helps to rub glue off your hands. If you get a tiny bit of glue down the edge of your work, a little talc rubbed in stops it being sticky. Before you stamp and emboss, shake a little on to your card/paper, and it cuts down the static and helps to stop the splatter of embossing powder where you do not want it - cheap anti static. Hope this helps. By the way, I also use it on my hands if I am knitting, crocheting or sewing in warm conditions.

Tracey Brossart said...

Love that stamp set!! I did that too to store my clear stamps...lots of stamping and lots of cleaning afterwords!

I have blog candy on my blog if you would like to take a peek!
BrossArt Addiction's Blog


Happy be-lated WOYWW and
Thanks for sharing! :D