Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Last Xmas Cards

Yes, it is now well past Xmas but I had this picture on my camera and realized I had never documented it.  It was the last Xmas card I did for the year.  I actually made three the same but only took the one picture as they were all very similar. 

And this is a card I gave to someone who reads this blog and so I never posted the picture because I didn't want to her to see it before she got it!

And that is the last of the Xmas cards .... at least for a little while :)


Samantha Read said...

I love my card, thank you! Sam x

TracieB xx said...

I really like these cards, especially the backgrounds. Are they papers or did you stamp them?? Good luck with your TH bits too. Not entirely my bag for me to do craftwise (not quite got time to get messy lol), but I do like his work and especially the flowers

TracieB xx