Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting there ...

 A few more Xmas cards are done.  I really like this one.  This particular one with the gold embossed words, I had almost thrown away because the words were unreadable when the embossing powder melted together in the narrowest part of the letters.  I put it aside thinking I might cut out the reindeer to use elsewhere and stamped the words on the next two cards in gold ink instead. I went back to the original and wondered if I could just scrape out the part of the letters that had filled in.  It worked! And now I like this one over the inked ones!
 Here are all three, you can see the inked letters on the one in the back.  I like it as well but the all-embossed is my fave.
Oh and I didn't have any gold foil paper so I painted white paper with gold Paint Dabber to make the framing bit, hee hee.

And these two trees are examples of my finally breaking out of my pattern of only using one DP as a background, lol. 


Jingle said...

These are really cute cards!

My crafty dog and I said...

Simply gorgeous, Sam x

Ciara said...

Lovely cards and great idea to colour the framing pieces with gold!


Helene said...

I think the gold embossing turned out very well for you. Love the blue patterned paper.
My fave though, is the white and blue card with the silver tree :-)

Neet said...

Lovely cards both of them but I am partial to the tree one.