Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm back with some Xmas Cards!

 Long time between posts here on my blog but I have still been making cards and another project that I will post soon!  Here are a few Xmas cards I have made and there will be more to come!   I should also update my Project Life posts but I might wait until the New Year to do that.  I am going to do a December Daily this year and may post that as I do it or perhaps wait until it is finished, I am not sure yet.  Merry Xmas!!


MadeByKarla said...

super cute cards!

Samantha Elliott said...

Gorgeous cards there Karen. Glad to hear you are doing a December Daily project....we can compare notes! Tee Hee.
Glad to see you are well. Speak soon!

Samantha Read said...

They're gorgeous Karen, lucky recipients ♥