Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Vacation Daybook

 This is the little daybook that I made while on vacation a couple weeks ago.  I used my Instax camera (like a little Polaroid camera) to take the pictures and just brought a little "kit" of embellishments, tools, adhesive and a stamp set so I could work on it there.  I haven't photographed every page, this is just a sampling of the pages.  It was really fun to make and gave me something crafty to do in my down time!


Belinda said...

Oh my Karen! So pretty. First can you take me on vacation next time and then we can make one together. I love it. It is so cute. Is it a smash album you used for the base or did you make this album. I need just that size for our summer vacation pictures. Love the litte photos too. Very cute.

Missing you on WOYWW. I gave myself permission to miss last week.


karen said...

Hi Belinda! Thanks for the lovely comment! The book is an Amy Tangerine Daybook. I think they come in a couple of sizes and this is the larger one. (I will pm you in case you don't see this)

Samantha Elliott said...

This is brilliant Karen. You obviously took more supplies than I did to Prague in February, though I have now added scissors to my kit having tried to cut the pictures with Simon's knife! Isn't it great that we can get instant photos. I am glad they brought these out as sometimes you forget the little things after the event.

kyla said...

Love it, have been thinking of buying an instant camera for a while but the film prices are so expensive (think it was a tenner for 10 pictures for the Fuji camera), any tips? Love the album, not come across them before so I will definatley check them out.

Jingle said...

THis is seriously adorable.