Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini Smash Book

 I made a mini Smash Book!  Or mini Junk Journal.  It is 5" x 5" so it would easily fit in a purse if desired.
I had been hearing about Smash Books on various blogs and had to see what they were.  They are also known as Junk Journals and are journals to put whatever you want into them.  You can paste in pretty things you like or use it to document a trip.... anything you want really, just paste it in and/or write it in.  I used a lot of pattern papers in mine and also a few pages that are white.  I added a few envelopes here and there to tuck things into as well.  Now that I have made a little one for practice, I will make a larger one too when I have time.  It was easy to make but I fussed with the cover for ages and that it was took the most amount of time.  Below are a few pictures of the inside...

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Spyder said...

This is so cute, and had to come and say so!!