Sunday, October 24, 2010

Two More Xmas Cards

This is one of the first stamps I ever ordered!  I saw it and thought that even if I could just colour it in and plop it on a card, without doing anything else, it would be a cute card.  Finally, I got it out and attempted to colour it in.  I do not have the artisitic talent of some at shading etc but the stamp is cute enough to hold its own, ha ha.  I got out the CuttleBug and embossed the green and white cardstock, cut out a little Xmas ticket and then for the first time used my dimensional foam to raise the image up off the card.  You can sort of see it in the picture from the shadows they create.  Cute little mousie!

My 2nd card is another stamp that I ordered, knowing that it is adorable enough to look good no matter what!  I really love this stamp!  And it is probably going to be the one I use the most this year for Xmas cards.  So anyone on my Xmas list, you may be ruining your surprise if you are looking!