Sunday, June 26, 2011

The WOYWW PIF gift that I sent

 This is the card and PiF gift that I had made and sent to Kyla at Li'l Pidge Designs.  The frame and WOYWW letters are glittery but my picture didn't pick that up very well.  It was fun to make this and the best part is joining in to WOYWW as often as I can and just visiting with so many talented and wonderful people!

Girly Pink B-Day Card

Wow this card turned out very very girly and very very pink!  Not really where I was headed when I started making it but that it where it wanted to go!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WOYWW June15/11 PiF Reveal!

I was away last week so did not get a chance to post my beautiful PiF gift from the lovely Rebecca at Cauliflower Cupcake!  Here it is on my desk where I can just sit and admire it!  She has made such a beautiful piece of art and I am honoured to have it! Below you can see close up pictures and see has she has incorporated WOYWW into the art!  Rebecca is so very clever in how she has done it! 
 You can see she has used WOYWW for the nameplate on the birdhouse.  And then you notice the birds' wings have it too.  And it is all around the birdhouse.  And even in the branches!  I love it, it is subtle and yet it is definitely there and will always remind me that I have made a new friend through this fun weekly event!
Thank you again Rebecca!

And now you can hop over to the weekly blog hop at the Stamping Ground and visit other desks around the world and make new friends too!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WOYWW June1/11 aka WOYWW 2nd Anniversary!!!!

Happy 2nd Anniversary WOYWW!!
That's right, today marks the 2nd anniversary of the fun and addictive WOYWW blog hop created by the lovely Julia at The Stamping Ground!  I have not been a WOYWWer all that long but since starting it is something that I look forward to each week!  And this week to celebrate the 2nd Annniversary there is a Pay It Forward gift exchange for those who wish to participate.  All the details are on the WOYWW link up if you are interested.
Oh, and my picture this week is my messy desk as I am beginning a card.  You can see some butterflies stamped on Clearly For Art and it is the first time I have used it and it is fantastic!!!  A new favourite product for sure!  
And for anyone who visited me last week and saw my blobs of Sculpey on my desk and would like to know what became of said blobs, there is a post here that will show you!
Happy 2nd WOYWW Anniversary to Julia and to all the WOYWWers out there!!!!


 Last week for my WOYWW post,  I had some blobs of Sculpey on my desk .....
and this is what I made with those blobs.  A gnome!  I don't know if you have seen the animated movie Gnomeo and Juliet but there are some little gnomes in that movie that are called The Goons and that is what I based this on.
And in the picture below, you can see that I decided he needed a friend!  They were fun to make and turned out pretty cute, I think!