Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mojo Monthly ATC's

 This month at La-De-Dah the inspiration is to "Play Petit" and make an ATC.
I have never made an ATC so I thought I would give it a go.  I also have not drawn any faces for awhile, so I decided to do that as well.  
I first sketched out the  faces in my sketchbook and then glued them to the ATC card and then put clear gesso over top.  The gesso gave them quite a bit of texture for the watercolour pencils I used to colour them.
The first face I coloured in natural colours and then the other two I experimented with using one colour palette for each.  

 I prefer the first one but it was fun to try something different and with them being the smaller ATC size, I felt that if it didn't work out it was not as disappointing as it would have been with more time and effort that would have been invested in a larger size.

I will do more ATC's now but instead of just faces I will try other styles like collage, because I can see that the small size does give you the freedom to try all
sorts of things without making a big commitment. 

Every month Sarah at La-De-Dah has a new inspiration for her Mojo Monthly!   I am sure she would love to have you join in!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WOYWW Jan18/12

It's WOYWW time!  You know, when all the cool kids takes pictures of their workspaces and then link them over at The Stamping Ground!
My picture today is very clean and uncluttered.  "What?!  Why?!  Is this the right blog?!"  I can hear you all saying it, ha ha!
The reason is that I wasn't working on cards or journaling or anything that was messy and needed a thousand items (that are kept in the Craft Room).  Just a sketchbook, a pencil, ruler and eraser.  So I was doing this at the dining room table.  I hadn't drawn a face for awhile, so I was practicing to see if I still could.  And making them ATC size because I am hoping to actually join in on My Mojo Monthly this time!
Okay, I know if you are a WOYWWer, you have a million (or so) other blogs to visit, so I will let you be on your way.  Have fun! Happy WOYWW!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WOYWW Jan11/12

Wow, it is already Wednesday again and you know what that means!!  It is time for WOYWW !
You can play too by popping over to the Stamping Ground and posting a picture of your crafty workspace and then visiting other's spaces too!  

Here on my desk is what happens when you go on-line after Xmas to your favourite crafty websites and they are having sales!  I got some Tim Holtz dies, two Sizzix/Hero Arts die and stamp sets and a stamp and embossing set and a whole bunch of Copic sketch markers!  Most of those dies are for next xmas but a couple are for now and of course the copics are for now too!  I am off to play!  Thanks for visiting!

2 Bday Cards

 These are the two birthday cards I was making in my last post.  It took a few days to post them as I wanted to take the pictures in natural light and with these short daylight hours I kept missing my window of opportunity :)
Just cute and fairly simple cards and there will be a few more to come!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WOYWW Jan 4, 2012

Happy New Year!  And Happy WOYWW as well!
If you are wondering what I am on about , head on over to visit the wonderful host of WOYWW,  Julia of the Stamping Ground, and see where crafty types from all over the world post pictures of their workspaces every Wednesday!
My desk is not too untidy (well, by my standards anyway) today as I have put away all the Christmas stuff.  In this picture I am just starting 2 birthday cards and you can see the uncoloured stamp on my mat and the one I was actually colouring is out frame at the bottom.  Feel free to drop back and see the finished cards in a day or two!
I have been away from WOYWW (and my blog for the most part) for the past little while but I plan to be around a lot more in 2012!
Happy 2012 everyone !!!!!!!


Missed one!

Oh, I missed posting this beautiful card that Sam sent to me for Christmas!  What happened was that after I had read it and admired it, I put it up in it's Place of Honor on our plate rail and decided I would take a picture of it later when I had time.  Guess what?  Forgot to take the picture!  My apologies to Sam for taking so long to post it!  (I did thank her though!)  She has used my favourite stamp of MoonGirl from Stampotique and if you would like to see more of her fabulous handiwork pop on over to her blog at "me and my stamps".